Next Stop: Onederland

Last week was great, last week wasn’t so great. I went into my weekly weigh-in less than optimistic. I had done my strength training workouts and kept to my meal plans, but I missed my lunchtime walks a few times as well as my Thursday night cardio session. What’s more, I was feeling a little down all week which zapped my enthusiasm for workouts. I didn’t have very high expectations as I hopped on the scale but, much to my surprise and delight, I discovered I’d met my goal and lost another 2.2 pounds. From there, I started getting excited for the next week because, barring any catastrophic backslides, I could very conceivably hit Onederland next week.

I looked through my weigh-in history and discovered I am now at my lowest weight since June 2015. When I went to treat myself to a much-needed pedicure on Sunday, the nail tech asked if I’d lost weight … people are noticing! My clothes, jeans in particular, are starting to loosen up and it is impossible not to get charged up when I’m experiencing all of these encouraging and validating transformations and think of the milestone well within my reach.

That said, I have been dealing with some depression lately and those emotions can really sabotage my plans.  Dark moods drive me to a lackadaisical attitude towards exercise and, more dangerously, spur desires to soothe those emotions with binge eating. Working through my feelings this week and not giving into unhealthy and unproductive inclinations will be just as vital as workouts and meal plans.

I am feeling good today, feeling inspired and confident and ready to see that beautiful, glorious LCD “1” blinking up at me from beneath my feet.


201.6 (2.2 pounds lost this week, 13.4 pounds lost total)

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