Shift in Focus

I haven’t got much to say this week but I refuse to let this blog fall the wayside, cease to be a priority. I have continued to struggle with mild depression, making it difficult to stay on-track with my meal plans – the desire to soothe difficult emotions with food persists and is strong. That combined with missing cardio sessions in order to watch the Democratic National Convention this past week cost me my chance at reaching Onederland last week. Rather than feign optimism or try to pump myself up, I am simply trying to maintain the course and work through my feelings. I may get to Onderland this week, I may have to wait until we return from our planned camping trip. The most important thing right now is my emotional wellbeing and coping with that little black raincloud following me around. I have to shift my focus to my inner-health and do my best to not let my physical health backslide in the meantime.


202.4 (.8 pounds gained this week, 12.6 pounds lost total)

2 thoughts on “Shift in Focus

  1. Depression sucks! I think it’s smart to focus on getting back into a better place mentally before pushing yourself too hard on weight loss goals. Depression can suck so much out of life–best to put your energy into reminding yourself that depression is temporary and just one part of the full and healthy life you lead. Take care of yourself.

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