Month Two

I wish I had more progress to report, a more dramatic photo to share, but I haven’t done the work necessary for that. I am only down 6/10ths of a pound since last month I am continuing to struggle with righting this ship after losing focus and motivation. I didn’t meet either of the goals I’d set for myself during my Month One check-in. This is the point when, historically, I give up on a goal – when my mental toughness fails, my lack of grit is all-too-evident. But I am not quitting. Instead, I have been looking at where I have gone wrong and making notes about what I need to adjust. I have been thinking back to times when I have had more success and pinpointing the differences between then and now. Moving forward, here are some adjustments I have to make.

Month One Photo: June 9, 2016; 207.8 lbs.
Month Two Photo: July 9, 2016; 207.2 lbs

Increase Frequency and Intensity of Cardio Workouts: I used to do sweat-dripping cardio workouts five days a week; 30-45 minutes on weight lifting days and 45-60 minutes on cardio-only days. I am committing to starting three mornings per week with 15-30 minutes of rowing as well as two days of 30-35 minutes of cardio at the gym. Eventually, I will work my way back to the duration of past workouts.

Design and Implement New Workouts: With my eight-week TRX workout plan complete, I am designing workout plans. I need to ensure the workouts are rigorous and intense enough to cause muscle failure rather than simply breezing though the five quick reps of certain exercises in the TRX plan. Workouts need to be varied to prevent boredom and create muscle confusion. Additionally, I have to find a way to keep active in the downtime between my sets while David does his.

Addressing Afternoon Hunger/Binge Eating: I am being hounded by hunger in the afternoons, bringing on the manic quests for food of my food addiction. The drive for food is overriding my discipline and I am eating spoonfulls of peanut butter and stopping on my way home for Cliff Bars. Moving forward, I am going to put notes in highly visible places at work to remind myself to sit with the hunger, take a brief walk to take my mind off food.

Meal Planning for Weekends: I have never been good about meal planning on weekends. When I was a single gal in New Orleans, I tended to eat less on weekends – there was little more than staples in the house by Friday night so meals were small and simple. Now; however, weekends are a free-for-all of dining out. While our Saturday Night Date Nights are important for us, the rest of my weekend eating needs to be reigned in.

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