Month One

So, here it is… one month since I renewed my efforts to get fit, drop the weight I’d regained and finally reach my health and fitness goals. I feel pretty good about this past month, although I have struggled to stay within my nutritional targets on weekends and have been prone, at times, to skipping workouts. Plus, I lost four days of workout days on the doctor’s orders to take it easy the second week in. I am proud of my accomplishments. While my efforts didn’t pay off on the scale to the extent I’d hoped, I have gotten into my groove with meal planning and working out making it very nearly routine. That is no small feat as it is not something I have been able to maintain for more than a few weeks at a time over the past year and a half. Moving forward, I now have both a long-term goal (running the Firehouse 10K in Santa Clara this December) and a short-term goal (be in Onederland by June 27 – that is 7.9 pounds in three weeks). Both goals can be achieved, but both will take a lot of sweat and dedication. Bring on Month Two!

Starting Photo: May 9, 2016; 215 lbs.
Month One Photo: June 9, 2016; 207.8 lbs.

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