Whole Transformation

I promised you an outline. I put this together, really, as a guide for myself – to outline exactly how I hope to accomplish my goals for a healthier, more balanced life. I am sharing it as a way to make myself accountable as well as a way to release my intent into the Universe where it may manifest. I imagine this outline will be a bit of a living document, constantly growing and evolving as I move through this journey, learning along the way.



1. Weight Loss
Nutritional goals will be set and meals prepped/planned in order to achieve a healthy two pounds per week weight loss.
Specific targets set for calories, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, fiber and protein.

2. Health
Nutritional goals will be set and meals prepped/planned in order to create a nutrient-dense, balanced diet for optimum overall health. 
In additional to weight loss goals, targets set for micronutrients, including sodium, sugar, vitamins and minerals.

3. Breakdown of Goals
Calories: I have had the most success in the past using Weight Watcher’s old “points” system (not “Points Plus”). That formula can be found here. With each 10 pounds lost, I subtract 50 calories from the meal plan and adjust all other macro- and micronutrient goals as well.
Gender: 2
Age: 2
Height: 1
Activity: 0
10% of my Current Weight in pounds: 22
Total: 27 x 50 (50 calories per point) 1,350 calories per day

Macronutrients: I am starting out using the recommended macronutrient ration for Mesomorph body types: 30% (101g) Protein/40% (135g) Carbohydrate/30% (45g) Fat. I may adjust this if necessary. Fiber target is 25g.

Micronutrients: Based on my nutritional goals, targets are 2300mg sodium and 45g sugar. I use RDA for vitamins and minerals. As a vegan, I don’t bother tracking cholesterol.


1. Workout Days
I am beginning this journey with the TRX 8-Week Training Program. Program includes varied workouts 6 days per week plus one rest day. I will also add additional cardio for fat loss and hearth health. After the 8-week program, I will assess progress and decide whether to repeat, add other workouts to my regimen, etc. Eventually, I would love to include yoga, swimming and cardio kick-boxing to my workouts.

2. Non-Workout Active Lifestyle
Incorporate lunchtime walks to break up my workdays of constant sitting. Incorporate physical activity into leisure time, i.e. bike rides, hikes and walks in my free time.

I used to go by the 8 8-oz glasses per day of water recommendation; however, new studies show we need more water for proper hydration, particularly if working out. Calculation for hydration is as follows. Multiply your weight (220 – I am rounding up) by 2/3 (147.4) plus add 12 oz for every 30 minutes of working out. My daily mimmim water would be 148 oz, but it would be 184 if working out 90 minutes per day. 
Water may be enhanced with fresh fruit, cucumber or mint.

Aside from water, I allow myself one cup of coffee per day with breakfast. Decaffeinated green or herbal tea is acceptable. Absolutely no juice, soda (diet or otherwise), or other commercial beverages allowed.

My goal is to get a minimum of eight hours sleep per night.



Making my health and well-being a priority is not a selfish act; rather it is a necessity. I can not take care of others if I am not taking care of myself. I am not a good partner, friend, sister, aunt or daughter if I do not take care of myself. This does not mean I should blatantly disregard the needs or wants of my loved ones; it simply means it is ok to put myself first when it comes to my health, fitness and overall well-being.

One of the biggest causes of mental turmoil for me is outside “noise.” I will make a point to remove the “chatter” from my life when at all possible. This means unplugging from social media, news media, etc. during evenings and weekends. I must allow for stillness of mind and tranquility.

Make time for relaxing, peaceful pursuits, i.e. reading, journaling, drawing, participating in creative endeavors, etc.



Daily meditation is key to healthy heart and spirit. Make time each morning and/or evening for quiet introspection and mediation.

Be my true self, not a portrayal of what I think others want of me. It is only through being genuine, honest and candid that I can achieve whole wellness. It is not my job to be perfect, to be inspiring or to be a role model. My only responsibility is to be myself.

Pay attention to every step of this journey, be mindful and present and appreciative of the experience and lessons. Do not get caught up in the future or past, in goals or past successes and failures. The day will come when this journey is behind me and, on that day, I don’t want to realize it passed me by without my savoring each second.


So there it is… I may refer back to this often, I may add to it or change it on occasion. The most important thing for now is that it is here, in the world, powered by my intent.

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