The Words We Use


You are fat. You’re ugly. You’re stupid. Your eyelashes are too short. Your nose is too large. Your teeth aren’t white enough. Your hair is dull. Your skin is splotchy. You’re a failure. You never do anything right. You aren’t good enough. Does any of this sound familiar? So many of us talk to ourselves like this every single day. But why? Why do we think this is ok?

If you met a child on the street, how would you talk to her? Would you say those things to her? Would you look at that child and say “you are fat, ugly, stupid, worthless?” How do you think that child would feel if you were to say these things to her? How would it impact the way she saw herself, the way she behaved, her ability to love herself?

I want you to find a picture of yourself as a child – a child who should be cherished, who should be encouraged, who should be treated sweetly and gently. Put that photo on your phone or print it out and put it on your fridge –  look at her every time you want to say something terrible about yourself; think about whether or not you would say those things to that little girl. Talk to yourself as you would talk to the little girl in that picture. Treat her sweetly and gently, encourage her, lift her up, tell her how perfect she is and how much you love her. Do that every single day.

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