Jody: Lost & Found

Lost: Ten thousand feelings of having given up on quality of life; despair; self-judgment and self-hatred; hypertension, gastroesophageal reflux disease and sleep apnea; size 24 pants; sitting on the sidelines; crash diets; seat belt extensions on airplanes; more than 100 pounds (and counting).

Found: Empathy for myself and others; balance; compassion; fitness and athleticism; the finish line of the Crescent City Classic (four times); knowledge; the ability to shop for clothes in nearly any store I choose; a passion for wellness; a desire to pay forward all the support I’ve received; me: the person I was always meant to become but was stifled by both perceived and actual limitations.

Welcome to Jody: Lost & Found. I am a forty year-old Northern California native and seven-year resident of New Orleans. I began my journey – or this journey, as each of our lives have a myriad of journeys within a single lifetime – at just under 290 pounds. I began with the singular goal of losing weight; but, over time and as I progressed, that goal evolved into one of complete overall wellness. I am devoted to physical, mental and spiritual wellness through a healthy, whole foods plant-based diet, abundant and diverse physical activity and daily meditation. I am dedicated to practicing constant mindfulness and compassion for myself, my fellow living creatures and my planet for the best possible overall health. I am not a licensed or registered nutritionist or dietician; nor, am I a certified personal trainer. I am simply a woman with a voracious appetite for information regarding health, fitness and nutrition tempered with a strong sense of pragmatism.

I started this blog for my readers as well as for myself. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who have inspired and motivated me throughout my odyssey – it would have been impossible without them. From that gratitude springs an overwhelming desire to pay it forward, to perhaps encourage people who want to begin or continue their own quests to become the best, most authentic versions of themselves, whatever that may be. Additionally, I suspect the process of blogging (journaling in a very candid, very public way) will be a cathartic one. I hope this blog helps me to gain insight into my own motivations, successes and setbacks and stay connected with and focused on the process. Lastly, I feel there is also something invaluable about documenting this all for the future me and for posterity.

This blog will be an accumulation of stories from both the past – as readers are joining me two-thirds of the way through my journey there is much to tell from pound one through one hundred – and present. I will offer lessons learned, insights, tips and advice. I will share my hopes and ambitions for the future. I will post recipes and meal plans, photos and milestones. Also, I welcome and encourage reader interaction as I would love to dedicate blog entries to answering any questions my readers may have and addressing any feedback. With that, I invite you to follow my blog or bookmark this page and check back weekly for Jody: Lost & Found.

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