Tropical Chickpea-Quinoa Salad

This salad is what happens when you do your week’s menu on the first warm Spring day of the season while listening to your favorite beach and surf music playlist. My mood went to a tropical beach and it took my meal plan with it. This salad is light, bright and fresh (not to mention, protein-packed) – perfect for warm weather lunches (at least in my opinion).

Tropical Chickpea-Quinoa Salad

Tropical Chickpea-Quinoa Salad
½ cup Red Onion, chopped
4 oz Cucumber, chopped
1 cup Chickpeas, drained and rinsed
5 oz Fresh Pineapple, cubed
5 oz Fresh Mango, cubed
¾ cup dry Quinoa, prepared according to package directions and cooled completely
1 pkg. Beyond Meat Lightly Seasoned Chicken Strips*, thawed and cut into ½” pieces
1 Jalapeno Pepper, seeded finely minced
½ cup Flat Leaf Parsley, chopped
2 Tbsp Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

¼ cup Pineapple Juice
2 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Coconut Aminos
Salt & Pepper to taste

Tropical Chickpea-Quinoa Salad

Here’s the easy part. Combine all salad ingredients in a large bowl. Whisk together dressing ingredients. Combine salad and dressing. Chill until ready to serve.

*Can’t find or don’t like Beyond Meat? No problem! You can opt to use alternate protein choices in this salad, such as drained and pressed extra firm tofu or even real chicken (if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian). Keep in mind this will change the nutritional content.

Nutritional Information*
Servings: 5
Calories: 333; Total Fat: 11g; Saturated Fat: 4g; Cholesterol: 0g; Sodium: 259mg; Total Carbohydrate: 41g; Fiber: 7g; Sugar: 10g; Protein: 19g

*Nutritional information based on recipe as written with designated ingredients, calculated using MyFitnessPal recipe calculator.